Formatting Options

SourceStyler C++ was designed to be as flexible as possible to accomodate a wide variety of layout preferences. As a result, SourceStyler C++ offers over 100 options for customizing the look of your source code.

Collections of formatting options are grouped into schemes for ease of reference and selection. SourceStyler C++ ships with 7 predefined schemes (including GNU and MFC schemes) that you can use "as is" or as a starting point for creating your own.

All schemes can be controlled with the convenient Manage Schemes Dialog within SourceStyler C++.

Here is a partial list of SourceStyler C++'s many formatting options. Click on an option to see more information about it!


Configurable Option
Control Statements
Pointers and References
Function Declarations and Definitions
Member Initializer Lists
Variable Declarations and Definitions
Line Wrapping
Global Settings


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