You write software.
You spend most of your day looking at screenfuls of source code.
You deserve to see it formatted the right way — your way.

SourceStyler C++ Overview

SourceStyler C++ is a sophisticated source code beautifier for C/C++ developers.

SourceStyler C++ Features

Complete control over the details

SourceStyler C++ offers over 100 individual formatting options to control the appearance of your C++ source code. Collectively, these options allow precise control that will satisfy even the pickiest programmer. More...

Full support for C++ syntax

SourceStyler C++ is built around a powerful parser that fully supports modern ANSI C++ syntax. So you can control the formatting of templates, try/catch blocks, whatever takes your fancy. More...

Convenient user interface

To ease the job of managing all the options offered by SourceStyler C++ there is a graphical interface that even incorporates a real-time preview facility. There is also a command line interface available. More...

IDE integration

SourceStyler C++ integrates tightly with the Microsoft Visual Studio™ environment as an Add-In. Reformatting the current window, or all files in project is only ever a keystroke or mouse click away. More...

SourceStyler C++ Benefits

Studies have shown that developers are more productive when working with source code that is consistently formatted using the layout they expect. SourceStyler C++ helps you achieve that productivity boost.

SourceStyler C++ saves time by formatting code seamlessly so that you are no longer distracted or confused by the formatting preferences of others when working with their code.

Teams can use SourceStyler C++ to help find common ground - displaying source in their preferred personal style and then converting to a team style when submitting code to version control. More...

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