SourceStyler C++ Benefits

Clarify and comprehend

A well formatted source file isn't just pleasant to look at. Studies have shown that consistently formatted code is actually easier to understand and remember!

"It is not merely a matter of aesthetics that programs should be written in a particular style... Programmers have strong expectations about what programs should look like, and when those expectations are violated - in seemingly inocuous ways - their performance drops drastically".
Elliot Soloway and Kate Ehrlich
"Empirical Studies of Programming Knowledge"

Help find errors in logic and control flow

Formatting your code with SourceStyler C++ ensures that code is laid out following the syntactically correct flow of logic, thereby avoiding misleading code and highlighting difficult to track down logic errors. For example:

Before After
if (one)
    if (two)
        x = 2;
    x = 3;

Misleading layoutmisleading layout
if (one)
    if (two)
        x = 2;
        x = 3;

Correct layout!correct layout!

Focus on coding

Code can easily be inserted, removed and modified without having to ensure code is neatly formatted and aligned with the existing code. When you're done, just reformat using SourceStyler and the code is instantly reformatted to reflect the correct scoping and nesting.

Save time and keystrokes

Save time deciphering the code you just downloaded from the Internet. Avoid the annoyance of scanning class declarations that look as though they were indented by an army of drunken ants! See all source code the way it should have been laid out in the first place.

Enhance team work

End the daily frustration of working with a team who choose to format code in strange and unnatural ways! Each of you can see the project's source according to your own preferences, without disturbing the layout of code being checked-in or viewed by another team member.


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