SourceStyler C++ Testimonials

What do C/C++ software developers love about Ochre Software and our product SourceStyler C++? Read on!

"SourceStyler C++ v1.3 is great! It's flexible, affordable, easy to use and fast; what more could I ask for? Thanks guys, nice work!"


-- Richard Collins,
   Transdyn Controls Inc.

"SourceStyler has already paid for itself in terms of time savings since I have to maintain many files written by others. Now I can lay out the code in the way I'm used to reading it and understand it faster. You've added time to my life and lifted much of the tedium from my job."


-- Tim Lee, tltools.org

"I'd like to congratulate you on a very slick and polished piece of software, your automatic formatting is going to save hours and make me very happy."


-- Richard Gale, Rare Ltd.

"I found your product, and I love it! The few files I ran it against converted very well. MUCH more readable. I started with the 'MFC' formatting style, and tweaked it to closely match out coding style, and SourceStyler performed wonderfully."


-- George Tasker, Allenbrook

"I downloaded your SourceStyler program. I found it to be a very nice product, your team should be proud of itself"


-- Jeffery Haremski, Perceptron

"I've tried your product both at work and at home. What can I say? I love it!"


-- Peter Björklund, MachineWorx

"Thanks so much for the very quick response, and for the outstanding support. You are going to save us many meetings about our Source Style Guidelines with your excellent application... Once again, thank you for an excellent product and support!"


-- Mark C. Robbins,
   BOSS International

"I just wanted to say that this is, bar none, the best C++ formatting package I've ever seen. I just downloaded your trial version and found that I was able to figure out how to adjust to my format within seconds. It is quite something."

"By the way, it is my opinion that software like SourceStyler should be an integral part of all of the major source and/or configuration management systems (e.g. ClearCase, Continuus and even Visual SourceSafe.) The reason is that I believe that software designers make fewer mistakes when they can maintain source code, regardless of original author or format, in their own preferred format. Extraction of any source code would automatically generate the extractor's preferred format. This would go a long way to eliminating wasteful reformatting time as well (and the attendant risk of errors). I think a case could be made for several (maybe five?) percentage points reduction in overall debugging time, a not insignificant cost savings over time.


-- Kim Letkeman,
   Innovance Networks

"I've been using SourceStyler C++ regularly and now can't live without it. I'll be ordering an Unlock Code soon. Thank you for permitting me to try it during this period, it's a great product."


-- Tim Lee

"I'm really happy with SourceStyler, it's a really good product"


-- Ravi Ambros Wallau, 7COMm

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