Graphical Configuration

SourceStyler C++ provides a convenient graphical interface for managing its operation. One of the highlights is the preview facility of the Manage Schemes dialog. Here the user can watch sample code reflect changes to formatting schemes as they are made. See screenshots...

Of course, the best way to get a feel for SourceStyler's interface is to install the fully-functional, 15-day trial. Download it now.

Visual Studio Integration

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to start using SourceStyler C++ so we provide out-the-box integration with Microsoft Visual Studio. Elect to install the SourceStyler C++ Add-In and you can use SourceStyler C++ from within this familiar development environment. See screenshots...

The SourceStyler C++ Add-In toolbar can be docked or left to float just like any other toolbar in the Visual Studio environment.

Format at any level

With SourceStyler C++ you can format an entire Visual Studio workspace or project or an individual file all with a single command.

Format automatically

SourceStyler C++ can be setup to automatically format when you open and close files in the IDE. This is fantastic news for developers who work in teams but do not see eye-to-eye on layout style. Each programmer can configure SourceStyler C++ to format the file using their scheme on opening and return it to the team scheme when they are done.

Command Line Convenience

Sometimes, only the command line will do. For scripts, unattended builds or mass conversions, the command line interface is often the most convenient (or only) option. With the SourceStyler command line, you can use all the same schemes that are managed with the graphical tools.


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